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def yagtd::GTD::_disp (   self,
) [private]
Display the 'id' and a summary of the 'task'.

Definition at line 309 of file yagtd.py.

        """Display the 'id' and a summary of the 'task'."""

        task_line = task['title']
        if __debug__:
            task_line = self._dump_line(task)

        id_str = "%3d:" % task['id']
        if __debug__:
            id_str = "%3d:(%f)" % (task['id'], task.priority())
        if self.colorize:  # colorize #id
            id_str = COLOR_CODES['cyan'] + id_str + DEFAULT_COLOR
        return "%s %s" % (id_str, self._colorize(task_line))

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