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def yagtd::GTD::do_listref (   self,
List #nb ref tasks (ordered by #id):
GTD> listref [#nb]

Definition at line 755 of file yagtd.py.

        """List #nb ref tasks (ordered by #id):
        GTD> listref [#nb]"""

        # Parse command line
        nb = self._parse_args(nb)[0]

        tasks = [ t for t in self.todo if t.has_key('reference') and t['reference'] ]  # filter ref tasks
        if nb:  # display only nb tasks
            tasks = tasks[:nb]

        for t in tasks:
            print self._disp(t)

        # Show number of tasks as result of search if more than 10
        if len(tasks) > 10:
            print "%d tasks found" % len(tasks)

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